Saturday, August 7, 2010


Imagine my excitement when I saw this post and received an email confirming I had won! :)

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The Winner Of The Li'l Shopper Is...

Thanks to the 431 entries.  The winner chosen via is # 132 Whitney J. Congrats! 
Maggie is a mom who developed a simple product to help with a common problem: shopping with small, wiggly children. She developed the Li’l Shopper Cart Cushion after years of frustration shopping with her own kids trying to climb out of the “hurty” seats. It is a completely unique new product with nothing like it on the market. The patented leg supports better position the child’s center of gravity relieving the most painful aspect, the seat edge. Thick foam cushioning provides relief for little legs, backs and bottoms. The cloth covers don’t stop the feel of the harsh metal seats and plastic pinch points, they just cover up the seats. Reports show that most injuries in shopping carts are when the kids try to climb out of the painful seats and fall or when they get cut or pinched by grills/plastic pinch points on the seats. The feedback we have received after parents start using them is consistent; they are simple to use with nothing to install, and a comfortable child buys them a few extra minutes of stress free shopping! Sometime, take a good look at any cart seat, would you want to sit in it?


  1. Hi there, one of our girl names was Kenley, but I like your spelling, cute! I'm following you through Boost my Blog. I also have a new blog with my husband and would love a follow back :)

  2. Wow, that was pretty nifty thing to come up with. Congratulations on your win, you obviously deserve it. And thanks for visiting my blog and saying "Hi" - which is why I like blog hops, you always meet great people like yourself and find interesting blogs. I'll be back. Smiles


  3. A few hours to blog hop tonight....Love it!
    Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away another copy of In a Heartbeat on Monday night...
    Happy Sunday


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