Wednesday, August 18, 2010

36 week appointment/birthday

So yesterday was my 23rd birthday. It was perfect! Luke brought me doughnuts for breakfast from my favorite hometown bakery, Mi-Lady Bakery. Yesterday afternoon we went to my OB appointment (update on that further down) and then went for a pedicure! It was much needed since I haven't had one since my sister's wedding back in June! The guy giving the pedicure massaged my legs/feet for the longest time. It was just what I needed!
 After the pedicure, Luke took me to eat at my favorite Japanese Steakhouse. We shared the Super Crunch Roll (deep fried sushi) and each ordered from the grill (which includes salad and soup). I had the chicken with fried rice and veggies. After the sushi, salad, and soup, I was stuffed so I got the rest of my food to-go.
We then came home for a little bit, let our food settle, and then headed to Walmart in a nearby town. I have gotten so aggravated with our own Walmart because they never have what I need (i.e. limited baby items, no nursing bras, etc.). I was very shocked that this Walmart had a bigger selection than our own, since it is a smaller town. I was able to find a nursing bra, some cotton lounge-style capris for the hospital/ride home, and various items for the baby! Hallelujah!
On our way back home we stopped by my parents' house and visited with them for a while. My granny, sister, and brother-in-law were also there. It was a great ending to a great day!

Tonight we are going out to eat with Luke's family to celebrate my birthday. I am looking forward to it!

36 Week Appt.:

Yesterday I had my 36 week OB appointment. My BP was still a little elevated, but not too bad. Kynlee's heartbeat was 132 bmp. This is the lowest it's ever been, but it's still considered normal I guess. It has always remained between 142-144 bmp or so. She is still measuring ahead...around 39 weeks.

I had to have my Group B Strep test done yesterday and that wasn't very fun but I survived!

Then, doctor A checked my cervix and she could feel Kynlee's head (this explains the intense vaginal pressure I've been feeling lately)! She also said I am dilated 1 cm and that I could go into labor any time now. WHOA!

My luck, I will end up going past my due date. I hope she arrives soon, though! :)

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