Friday, August 6, 2010

34 week appt. (take 2)

I just got back from my second doctor's appointment this week. I had to go again because of reasons mentioned in my last post. If you missed out, click here to catch up!

My BP is still elevated. The doctors aren't TOO concerned just yet, but I have been given strict orders to keep monitoring it, taking it easy, and letting them know if I have any more headaches, blurred vision, or just start feeling bad in general. (I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow... feeling bad is a constant right now so it'll be hard to decipher between the norm and not so norm).

There is no protein in my urine so that's a plus.

Kynlee is growing more and more each day. Her heartbeat was 146 bpm today on the handheld monitor. I didn't get another ultrasound but that's okay. I have had more ultrasounds in this one pregnancy than many women get total with 3+ pregnancies and for that I am blessed. 

I'll be going to the doctor every week from now until the delivery.
It's getting so close!

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