Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Less than 60 days to go!

According to my baby countdown we have less than 60 days to go before we meet our precious Kynlee (give or take a few days, of course)!!!
How exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time!

I shared in an earlier post what the crib bedding looks like but just incase you forgot, here it is again:
I also want to share the other accessories that go with it that will help complete our nursery theme!

Diaper stacker:

Toy/Stuffed Animal Bag (that ties onto the front of crib):

Lamp shade:

Window Valance:

There are also some other little knick-knacks that will go in the nursery. 
We plan to use black furniture (crib, changing table, chest-of-drawers, etc).
We already have a set of chest-of-drawers that are wooden so we are just going to paint it black & make the knobs the same color pink used in the crib bedding, with [possibly] white polka dots on them.

What do you all think?

Next post I want to share our travel system pattern!


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  1. I love everything about the theme that Luke and you have picked out. It won't be hard to find stuff that goes with it at a later date (or now). It will be VERY cute!


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