Tuesday, July 20, 2010

32 week appt.

Today we had our 32 week appointment with the doctor. I saw the 3rd doctor in the practice who is the other female. She was nice and a lot better than the last [male] doctor I had to see, but still.... she wasn't MY doctor! :)

I was excited that from here on out I would should be able to see my own doctor since I have completed the "meet and greet" with the other two. No such luck. My next appointment, in 2 weeks, just happens to be the week that my doc is going on vacation! :(

I sucked it up and agreed to meet with the same [female] doctor that I saw today. 

But anyway.. back to the appointment. 
Everything seems to be fine with our little girl!
We didn't get an ultrasound today but should get one either next appointment or the one after to confirm that she is no longer breech. 
My vitals were all good and Kynlee's heartbeat was 144 bpm, which is where it generally stays...give or take a few. 

Now, here comes the pregnancy brain moment. 
I asked the nurse if I could use the bathroom to give my urine sample before the weight/vitals were done because I simply couldn't hold it any longer. 
The urine sample is something I'm used to and it is done at every appointment that I've been to since I've been pregnant. 
So, I go into the bathroom...grab the marker and write my name on the cup... and then I sat the cup down. BIG MISTAKE.
I was so caught up in how full my bladder was that I completely forgot to catch a sample until there was no more urine to be caught! 
(Haha, sorry if this is grossing some of you out... but I think other moms-to-be can appreciate this!)

Luckily, I had a drink from Sonic with me and I was able to sip on that for the rest of the time. After the doctor came in and checked me, I was finally able to provide a urine sample (which turned out to be fine) and they also did a finger prick (also fine). 

And that sums up my 32 week appointment!

In other news, we bought a brand new dishwasher today for a grand total of $66.00 out-of-pocket!!! We had some gift cards saved up from Christmas and were able to use those today. I have been fine washing dishes by hand since we got rid of the old dishwasher, since it's just my hubby and I, but now with the new baby coming...that means lots of bottles and parts that go with bottles... and I am not going to want to wash all of those by hand! So there ya go... that's why we got a new dishwasher. :)

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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