Monday, May 24, 2010

Mama Spanx

I came across this website that mentioned maternity Spanx, or "Mama Spanx," and I got so excited!
This is exactly what I need for dresses and it's at a very affordable price as well.
Have any of you ever tried them (the maternity style that is)?
I have a pair of regular Spanx that I love(d), but those won't work with this growing baby belly. 
The kind I plan to try is called Power Mama ($32.00) because I feel it will work best for me during the summer months--> pictured below!

Also offered are Mama Spanx Maternity-Footless-Pantyhouse ($28.00):
And Mama Spanx Maternity-Full length-Pantyhose ($28.00):
I am not getting paid to talk about this, just wanted to share with all of you! 
Click HERE to see more!



  1. Those are some super sassy spanx for the new mama to be!


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