Thursday, May 27, 2010

24 wk ultrasound

So yesterday my husband and I went for an ultrasound! We had not seen her in about 6 weeks since they don't do them very often at the doc's office. Luckily, my sister is an ultrasound tech and is a clinical instructor for a college in a near by she can do ultrasounds for me as often as I'd like!

At the beginning of the pregnancy (especially before we found out the sex) we were there every single week. Now that I know Kynlee is a girl and she is kicking a lot I don't worry as much. I sure was happy to see her, though!

Unfortunately, she was being shy and would not show us her whole face! If she wasn't laying completely upside down, then her back was to us. Silly girl. 

My sister was able to do some measurements and she is measuring right on her due date-September 11, 2010. She is weighing in at 1 lb, 10 ounces. :)
(This is a lil more than says she is supposed to weigh at 24wks-but I know their info is just an average).

In other news, she is no where near in the right position towards the birth canal. Just the opposite, in fact. I know that there is still plenty of time and she is constantly moving around in there, but it still makes me a little anxious!

She was laying completely side to side across me and that explains those late night jabs into my side! We got to see her stretching a few times-and I'm talking good stretching-like legs all the way extended and chin/neck tilted back. It was precious!

I thought it was also neat to physically SEE her kicking me as I could physically FEEL her kicking, as well. 
This week tells me that Kynlee is almost a foot long, or about the size of an ear of corn.

Below are a couple pictures of our little angel laying upside down, showing us her spine!
They were taken from my phone at an awkward angle so they are a little blurry but you will still be able to see. 

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